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RedLine Report's MediaWiki is a powerful tool for creating connectivity between yet unseen relationships and is a better platform than what is currently adopted for groups to conduct investigations or studies. The idea is for We The People to crowdsource the news and create a searchable database of news articles which will be archived with retrograde read-through. RedLine Report maintains this MediaWiki.

Here's how it works:

ANY RedLine Report user can come to the MediaWiki and perform the following operations:

  1. Create a Category
  2. Add to any Category
  3. Share news articles in corresponding Category
  4. Edit within any Category
  5. Comment after articles

RedLine Report's MediaWiki is a space for the free and open exchange of information. RedLine Report has zero interest in censorship of opinions or news pieces. We are Free Speech Advocates. This is new and RedLine Report is figuring out the parameters of this MediaWiki along side of you. Since this is a crowdsource effort, RedLine Report encourages users to email us with suggestions, ideas, comments, or concerns. RedLine Report discourages posting that is blatantly unrelated to the chosen category. However, RedLine Report does not want to be in the business of policing the MediaWiki. We ask that everyone just be sensible and respectful. If one in our midst is unable to modulate their own behavior, RedLine Report reserves the right to move content. RedLine Report's editorial staff will remove content that is illegal.

Submit anything you find relavant and important into the categories. If we want to, and we put in the effort, we can make this thing a very powerful research tool to quickly and easily access the deeds and history of public figures. Let's hold these people accountable.